Farsi Language – WordPress Contractor (Coquitlam)

Date: 2011-06-19, 12:15PM PDT

E-Mail to: job-kq6yr-2449948836@craigslist.org

We have a WordPress website (Farsi language) where we put commercial ads everyday.
Right now ads enter manually and we want to give users the ability to login to the site and post their own ads.

We are looking for someone to be able to program the following:

- Create a custom registration page
- Create a profile page where people can login and edit their own profile and see their own existing ad
- Create a page where users can modify their own ads (not back-end)
- Create a page where users can pay using paypal or others methode

Since the website is Farsi if don’t know Farsi you won’t be able to understand the site

Please send your previous works including how much you charge for this project

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