WordPress Developer (Vancouver / Surrey)

Date: 2011-06-14, 2:30AM PDT

E-Mail to: job-ugb3k-2439359843@craigslist.org

Hello :)

I’m a young, professional Graphic / Interface Designer looking to
team up with a passionate wp developer to create some sweet work together.

A bit about me:
- I have a degree in Graphic Design, and I specialize in Interface Design.
- My design style is very clean and simplistic – I have a portfolio to show you :)
- I like to work on fun website projects. ie. Nightclubs, Urban clothing companies etc
- I tend to pass on boring websites ie. sites for Plumbers etc
- I only design work I’m PROUD to show.
- I’m PASSIONATE about what I do, and I think you should be too :)

I want to work with someone who:
- Wants to work on FUN projects that are designed & programmed WELL
- Loves clean, well-designed websites as much as I do
- Enjoys coding PHP, HTML/CSS
- Understand’s SEO (I’m pretty good at SEO too – maybe we can learn off each other :] )
- Appreciates SQUEEKY CLEAN code
- Pays attention to the small details ie.pixel-perfect
- Knows what a “grid” is (ie. 960 grid — all my designs use grids) * Important
- Knows WordPress inside & out
- Is PROUD of their code and works hard on it
- Is cool. Someone who is fun to work with, enjoys having a good time and a good laugh =)

Does this sound like you? Sweet!
The end goal would be for you to have some professionally designed websites to show off your code,
and I would have some well-coded websites to show off my designs :) If working together sounds
like something you would enjoy, get in touch & tell me a bit about yourself.

-Why do you want to work with a designer like myself?
-How long have you been programming for?
-What are some of your favourite websites? and Why?
-What are some projects you’ve done in the past? (send links pls)


Thanks & have a sweet day :)

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